Celebrate Girls

This page highlights accomplishments of young women in areas of personal achievement and contributions to community. It will highlight the many ways girls are becoming women.
Girls in the News

Several months ago a remarkable 7-year old girl drove her dad to the hospital after he fainted. She succeeded in driving the Honda during rush hour in Washington DC. Many people with years of driving experience are challenged by rush hour traffic. I am also impressed that at 7 years old she knew the way to the hospital from where her father fainted. This girl is going places - to be that level headed and action oriented is awesome!!

MaryKait Durkee, the young woman who protested saying the Pledge of Allegiance has my admiration too. The right of an American to protest her government without punishment is the very heart and essence of America. When we loose the right to peaceable dissent we will be living under a dictatorship not a democracy. We may not always agree with each other but it is so important to protect our right to express our views and beliefs.

An 11-year old girl from Berkeley, California, Ellie Lammer, did a unique, practical, and community oriented science fair project. She researched the accuracy of parking meters finding that they do cheat but surprisingly in favor of parkers rather than the city. Ellie formally presented her findings to the City Council. As more women get into politics there is more attention to practical, everyday issues that we all face.










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